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“Not everyone knows that Phytoplankton (also known as microalgae,  such as Diatoms and Coccolithophores) contribute between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere, play a part in the regulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide and form an essential component of the marine food chain. Plankton in general have often artistic shapes that lead us to reflect upon spiritual matters and wonders of Nature. In particular Diatoms and Radiolarians emanate hypnotic beauty, magic, mathematics, mystery, fun and solemnity at the same time: owning Diatom Shop’s professional microscope slides containing Diatoms or Radiolarians is like owning a piece of all these features, a piece of the art of who carefully prepared these handmade products, a piece of antique and modern, a piece of the small and big powerful Microcosm” (Stefano Barone, owner and founder of Diatom Shop)

Stefano Barone is a professional microscope slide preparer and uses different techniques, such as Micro-manipulation, thanks to which several microscopic elements (e.g. Diatoms and Radiolarians) can be arranged on a permanent microscope slide. Stefano Barone’s Diatom Shop is a registered company: it means that the products offered are professionally prepared and customers have a great choice of quality products and samples, moreover a lot of money, research and technology have been invested to realize this big dream.

Diatom Shop uses only undamaged (intact) and well cleaned Diatoms and Radiolarians, which are Micro-manipulated paying attention to their perfect positioning. All the recent and fossil Diatoms and Radiolarians are cleaned in the company’s laboratory (using long, professional and dangerous techniques that require individual protection devices and protective clothing), moreover the Diatom Shop’s unique fixative used to fix them is invisible even in phase contrast: open the short movie below (made using the Zeiss M27 EC Plan Neofluar 10x/0,30 Ph1 ∞/- objective and the research microscope Zeiss Axio Imager.A2  in phase contrast . Total magnification 250x).

Movie: https://youtu.be/adhA01_4ISA

These unique handmade arranged microscope slides are a way of making the public aware not just of this form of art but of the inherent beauty of microscopic life (it wouldn’ be too much to call Radiolarians and Diatoms miniature jewels).

Diatom Shop is registered and based in Italy with the Italian VAT number IT 01635810193 (Partita IVA 01635810193), with the company name “Diatom Shop di Stefano Barone” and under the classification “Research and development in the field of other natural sciences and engineering”.

Stefano Barone’s products come from epic precision, a lot of time and extreme passion! This is a totally handmade work, no machines work in place of him! It’s why these products aren’t inexpensive!

Stefano Barone is a science educator and a photographer too: visit his general website  http://www.stefanobarone.net/ .

This Blog is a virtual showcase and diary where he displays the fine microscope slides he produces, alongside interesting facts about microcosm and microscopy. The idea of raising awareness of this ancient Art by a modern communication tool (the Blog) is proving to be very effective and new.

Look at the Archives of this Blog to read the monthly contents.

Visit the website www.diatomshop.com to know more.

Thank you for your attention.

Diatom Shop brand by Stefano Barone

Arranged microscope slide, Arranged diatom slide, Arabesque, Diatom Shop, Diatom Lab, Stefano Barone for websire



arranged microscope slides, microscopic jewels, Diatom Shop, Stefano Barone, Diatom Lab


9 Forms Test Plate diatoms Diatom Shop, Diatom Lab, Stefano Barone, diatomshop

9 Form test plate, test diatoms, Navicula oblonga SEM scanning electron microscope Diatom Shop, Diatom Lab, Stefano Barone for website



65 radiolarians arranged by Stefano Barone Diatom Shop reduced

Diamond engraved signature of authenticity arranged diatom slide by Diatom Shop Stefano Barone

Arranged microscope slide, radiolarians, radiolaria, Diatom Shop, Diatom Lab, Stefano Barone


Arranged radiolarians from Barbados by Diatom Shop Stefano Barone

Stefano Barone with Zeiss Axio Imager 2

Diatom Cubed by Diatom Shop


Diatom Mania diatomshop website


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